Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rodeo number four, June 27,2017

Watching the bareback broncs, it was no wonder no one stayed on board! Only Nile Thompson was able to stay in the saddle on the saddle bronc ride with a score of 70.

The bulls proved to be the winners. Junior bulls saw only one stay for the 8 seconds, that being Chance Bibb and his score, 75.

In calf roping, only one athlete was successful, that being Cody Quincy

Ribbon roping team Brett Chamberlerin and Beau Chamberlerin took first with a time of 9.11.
Second place went to Kelly Chamberlierin and Maudie Chamberlerin. Their score was 14.53.

Breakaway competition was won by Brannon Allen in 2.86 seconds.  Bailey Herrera was second with a 5.63.

Barrels 1D was won by Gentry Giza 17.92 and second place went to Bailey Herrera, 17.97.
Barrels 2D was won by Shaylynn Arpke 19.00, second Haley Mazurek, 19.08.
Barrels 3D saw Brittney Brabec take first with a 20.19 andKayanna Vidmar take second with

The first place team in team roping 38 was Harlem Roberts and Jace Novell with 15.68.
Harlem Toberts paired with Rory Beach to take second with 18.59.
Team Roping #11 saw team Riley Beach and Kole Roberts make 13.82 for first place while Te3rry Forrest and Kale Roberts took second with the time of 16.98.

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