Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rim Rock Rodeo number eleven

Rodeo number eleven hosted a good crowd and some great events.
Joe Carr grabbed everyone's attention as he sky dived toward the arena.
Thanks to air currents and having to be very conscious of the big electrical wires,
the duo landed just to the west of the arena. The event was great to see.
The Ladies' side saddle organization was also present and entertained everyone with one of their
This evening Brandan Beck stayed on his bareback bronc to earn a score of 71. In second place was Shane Smith with a score of 63.
The saddle broncs won their event.
Quinten Hayden rode his bull to a score of 85 and Jason Blasdale was second place with 72.
Those darn junior bulls pulled off a near perfect performance with only Jate Frost staying on for the solo first place.
Larrett Lawrence was the only successful calf roper in 14.86 seconds.
The ribbon roping event was won by the team of Mario Baleztena and Daniel denton in 5.71 seconds.
Breakaway event saw Ashley Farrington take first in 2.49 seconds. Tease Crane was second with 2.77 seconds.
In the Barrels event 1D, Haillie Tayor ran in 18.01 for first and Brittney Cordova was second with 18.02.
Barrels 2D, Emma Rushing had 19.13 for first; Taylor Hunt earned 19.31.
3D Barrels, Marana Jones made 20.38 and Amber Watson had 20.50.
Results for team roping:
#8, Shanny Shipley and Coy Sears, 14.84
      Randi Denton and Jon Goza, 16.11
#11 Ron Weisgerber and Jayce Norell, 13.39
      Terry Forrest and Jayce Norell, 14.93


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