Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rim Rock Rodeo number 10

All photos posted. Enjoy!

Rodeo number ten means there are but four more left in this season.
Tonight's results are as follows:
Bull Riding: Casey Farrington 84 and Ethan Cook 77
Junior Bulls: Jate Frost 72 and Cutler Cowden 70
Ribbon Roping team Clay Reynolds and Harley Roberts 10.92
Breakaway: Shanney Shipley2.18 and Ashley Farrington 13.60
Barrel Racing:
1D Renae Rice 17.28, Brittney Cordova 17.66
2D McLemma Cozby 18.28, Crystal Williams 18.61
3D Jordyn Minor 19.37 and Kenda Abbott 19.40
Team Roping #8:
 First, Rory Beach and Riley Beach 17.71
Second, Jerry McKay and Reo Weisgerber 22.30
Team Roping #11:
First,  Brannan Allen and Larrett Lawrence 16.68
Second, Clay Reynolds and Riley Brown 17.15

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