Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rim Rock Roceo number 12.

With a wonderful temperature, the animals were raring to go as evidenced in the bull riding. The ropers mounts were fast and steady as their riders scored well roping their steers.
The photos will be a challenge editing as my Manuel settings did not register and I was forced to shoot at a lower speed than the lighting required. Will do my best.
With no successful bronc riders.   Jason Blasdel got off to a great start on the Bulls , riding to a score of 82. Second place was taken any Bryant Osborne with a score of 79.
Junior bulls saw Jate Frost take first  73; Cutler Cowden was second with 65.
Mario Balestra and Daniel Denton were first in ribbon roping in 6.93 seconds.
Second place went to Tammy Goza and Brannan Allen
In Barrel racing 1D, first place went to Renae Rice in 18.06 seconds with Brittany Cordova second.
Barrels 2D first place went to Heather Blasdel with a time of 19.29 seconds, and Crystal Williams was second.
Barrels 3D saw Sheridan Jaques take first with a time of 20.47 and Kayanna Vudmar was second with a time of 20.78.
Team Roping #8: First place, Randi Denton and Larrett Lawrence, 13.37
                             Second, Brittney Bradfield and Riley Beach, 17.42
Team Roping #11, First Payton Norell and Jayce Norell 12.41,
                               Second, Kyle rush and Mario Baleztena 15.85

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