Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rodeo number 4, 2016

All photos are posted below. Enjoy!
With a drop in temperature and windy gusts, Rodeo number four was off to a good start. Sixteen entrants raced around barrels during slack time.
I am sorry I missed mutton busting but will be there next week.
In the Bareback event, Shane Smith was first with a 66.
Jason Blasdel rode his bull to a score of 81. Second place went to Jacob Spencer with a 77.Junior Bulls put on quite a show when one young bull decided he wanted to stay in the arena and attack the handler horses. His twin was let into the arena and proved to be just as testy. It took the mature bulls to convince the youngsters to get back where they belonged.
The only successful Junior bull rider was Jate Frost with a 67.
Kole Roberts roped his calf in a time of 14.40 seconds.
Ribbon Roping saw Mario Baleztena and Daniel Denton win with 13.03 seconds
Second place went to Kole Roberts and Harlee Roberts with 17.40 seconds.
Brennan Allen was the winner in  Breakaway with  4.40 seconds.
In the barrels events, results are as follows:
1D, first Taylor Hunt with 18.60, Brittany Cordova was second.
2D, Amber Watson had 19.76, Kayla Jobes had 20 something seconds.
3D, Brandi Frederick had a time of 20.88 and second place went to Amanda Kinter. (Could not see her time.)

In team roping #8, First place was won by Reo Wedsgerber and  T. Wallace 15.89
Second place was taken by Rory Beach and Tee Wofford 18.00
Team Roping #11,first place Lance barley and  Hank Bounds, 12.41
Second place, Kyle Rush and Mario Baleztena 13.76

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