Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rim Rock Rodeo #6 July 7 2015

With the temperature pleasant and no rain until after  Junior Bulls, the rodeo stock was alert and ready for action.
The calves did well slipping through rope loops as they ran for the exit. The bulls won as they managed to unseat every rider attempting to score. Junior bulls event was another story.
In Saddle Bronc, only Tucker Feldman was the successful rider.
Junior Bulls saw Dillon Burch stay on for the time with a score of 77. Cay Bronson managed a score of 71 for second.
Ribbon Roping had winners this time 'round. Tammy Goza and Brazen Allen placed first , while Cady Reader and taylor Vanzill took second.
In the Barrels events, 1D winning time was 17.45 by Sophia Wilting and Emma Langard took second in 17.48 seconds.
2D had Shaylee Jones win first in 18.76 seconds and Loni Wolfe, second with 19.15 seconds.
Wolfe's horse had not run barrels for nearly 3 months while healing from an injury and was slightly edgy about running.
3D winner was Jordan Miner in 19.45 seconds and Sam Joslyn made the circuit in 19.53 seconds.
Team roping # 8 winning team was Jerry McKay and James Hutton. Second place went to Kyle Rush and James Hutton.
Team #11  posted Terry Forrest and Tyler Smith in first and Reo Weisegerber and Dean Raine as second.

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