Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rim Rock Rodeo number two for the 2015 season

Results from the event, June 9, at Rim Rock Rodeo Grounds are as follows:
Bareback and Saddle Bronc riders failed to stay on their mounts for the time barrier, so the horses won.
Bull Riders, Lane Ward scored a 81 with Victor Sunquist placing second with a 78.
Junior bull rider Jate Frost  rode to a 64 and Coy Bronson scored 62.
Calf roping was won by Josh Frost with Dusty Taylor placing second.
Ribbon roping saw Tony Mendes and Braden Christenson place first with the fastest time.
Riley Beach and Hailie Taylor placed second.

In Breakaway Brannan Allen was first, Tammy Goza, second.
Barrel 1D: Aston Hammer first with 17,67 and Emma Rushing second with 18.24.
Barrels 2D: Elie Christensen 18.71 and Haillie Taylor 18.76
Barrels 3 D Deanna Lynn 19.88 and Shakira King 19.93.

Team #8 Roping: Tia Brannan and Kelley Chamberlin first place.
Kyle Rush and Glen Younger, second.
Team # 11 Roping: Hank Bounds and Riley Beach first place.
Rio Wisegerber and Dean Raine, second.

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