Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rim Rock Rodeo number 3, June 16,2015

The results of tonight's events are as follows:
No bareback winner. Saddle Bronc saw Colton Bumgarner take first with a 79.
The only successful bull rider was Robert Gracie with a 79. The bulls were riding higher this evening.
In Junior Bulls only Coy Bronson managed to stay on with a 67.
Jesse Sheffield was the only successful calf roper of the evening. Those calves were quick to get away.
In Breakaway Sarah Walker took first with Brannon Aven placing second.
1D Barrels gave first place to Kate Walker who made the circuit in 17.58 seconds. Emma Langard was a close second with 18.53 seconds.
2D Barrels saw Jody Sheffield place first with 18.61 and McKenna Cosody second at 18,64 seconds.
Those places were really close.
3D Barrels had another very close competition as Ashley Hamilton rode for first with 19.59 and Shaylee Jones, second with 19.62.
Team Ropers #8 Brannon Allen and David Smith were first place winners. Brett Chamberlin and Jace Norell placed second.
Team Ropers # 11 saw Kim Rogers and Jerry Brain take first with their time. Mace Bonella and Kent Edwards placed second.

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