Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rim Rock Rodeo number 10.

The arena was much better than last week's muck.  The rain held off and the sun was out from time to time. The stands were full. Everyone was ready for a great show which was the night's agenda. 
With this season the 20th in the history of Rim Rock Rodeo, special events and special prizes are in the wings. Some records are in the making, for instance the competition, especially between Ryan Canty and Jesse Cordova. In Junior bulls, Nate Hoey now has 10 winning rides under his belt. Barrel racing sees several riders near top in riding times. The best times for roping are in competition for a special shot gun with all its accessories. 
Bulls are always a fierce competition with the bulls ahead in wins. You'll hear the names, Blasdel, Hayden, Gracie and others as they work hard for top points. As you've heard, Hoey is sitting on top of wins in Junior Bulls.
You won't want to miss next week's competition.
For some reason, my memory card would not down load the rest of the rodeo shots I took. So here are the Barrel slack shots. I probably need to clean or get a new memory card.
RESULTS Saddle Bronc: First, Seth Hartman 67, Second Brian Charles 64.
Bulls:  First, Jason Blasdel 81, Second, Robert Gracie 72.
Jr. Bulls: First, Nate Hoey 78,, Colton Fritzlan 65, Second.
Calf Roping: First Ryan Canty, Jesse Cordova, Second
Ribbon Roping: Reo Weisgecher and Hanna Webber, First.
Breakaway: Brittany Blasedell First.
Barrels, 1D:  First, Sharae Dorscher 18.57, Second, Ashtya Hammer 18.79.
              2D: First:  Marina Jones, 20:07,  Second,  Abbey Bedar 20.39
              3D: First: Jessica Heepes, 21.80, Second, Kryanna Vidmar
Team Roping;
#8 First , Red Harper and Paul Holiday
      Second, Tammy Goza and Kevin Kracht
#11 First, Dann Rooks and Jon Goza
       Second, Tammy Goza and Kevin Norell
I am posting slack barrels and will add team roping tomorrow.... BUT, keep your fingers crossed, am having problems downloading mutton busting up to and including Jr. Bulls. I think my memory card became corrupt after I hurriedly downloaded the barrels and roping. Not sure. Wish me luck.

Lonnie Wolf, a top barrel racer, was caught in a dress as she
registered for the night's competition.

This young lady has shown her talents for barrels, as well as roping.
Good luck, Brittany i all you do!

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