Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rim Rock Rodeo Number 9, July 29, 2014

Rodeo number 9 was a contrast to Rodeo number 8, the dust bowl rodeo, because  of the rain and wind.  Rodeo fans were treated to a cool, wet and exciting evening.
Results in the challenging weather are as follows:
 Saddle Bronc, Seth Hartman
 Bulls, first - Quinten Hayden, a 79 and Jason Blasdel, 75 for second.
 Jr. Bulls -  Nate Haey , 72 and second, Ty Walker, 64.
 Calf Roping - Jesse Cordova 13.61 and second, Riley Beach, 16.49
 Ribbon Roping-  Riley Beach and Hallie Taylor
 Breakaway -  first, Brannan Allen and Sarah Walker, second.
 Barrels - 1D Britteany Gavagen 17.62 for first, Loni Wolfe 17.79 for second.
                2D Jessica Hoopes 18.68 for first, Heather Blasdel 1872 for second.
                3D Morgan Dillingham 19.65 first, and Jordan Minor 19.87, second.
 Team Roping
                 #8 - first place team, Kyle Rush and Riley Beach,
                        second place Brannan Allen and Jon  Goza
                  #11- first place team, Travis Kracht and Kevin Kracht
                          second place, Tammy Goza and Jon Goza

And there you have it. The photos for this week were difficult to do as my wide lens kept getting water droplets making focus strange and low light caused artistic blurs. Enjoy those I posted.
You will note that Slack Barrels Photos are already posted. Just search for Barrel Racing, Rim Rock Rodeo number 9.  I was able to get these posted last night.
No rain fell during slack barrels, but it did dampen the team roping.
If you can, go see my showing of art prints based on my rodeo photos at Barnes and Noble, just east of the Mall on F Road for the month of August. The title is "A Lotta Bull." I hope to add enlargements of other moments from Rim Rock Rodeo as well.

The rodeo is rely going on!

Hope no one minds muddy shoes.

Just happy to find my umbrella.

Faithful fans braved the weather to watch the athletes.

Holding on...

This sheep has race blood inside.

The vest makes a good sled.

Just slightly muddy.

Here I com, mom and dad.


That was fun.

Here comes another

That was fun.

Note the special cool helmet.

Can't miss this helmet even in mud.

That was fun, mom.

Such a relaxing ride in this mud.

Here comes another rider.

Where's the barrel clown? That bull has no respect for him.

Oh, there he is, peeking out!

The rodeo clown is a most important safety factor in any rodeo.

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