Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rim Rock Rodeo 13, Aug 26, with added photos

After a sunny stretch for slack barrel racing and slack roping, the crowd began to build.  When the clouds rolled  in with those rain drops in abundance,  people scattered to cars for shelter, heading home for rain gear, some not returning. The rodeo went on despite the weather.  I can not remember any rodeo season with this many rainstorms occurring on Tuesdays.
The rodeo finals will take place Saturday Sept 27. You don't want to miss that one.

Results from the 13th rodeo at Rim Rock are as follows:

Bareback Riding: Victor Sandquist
Saddle Bronc: Chad Shaw
I know there were bull riders but not listed in the results I saw.
Jr. Bulls: first, Macade Broson and Jate Frost tied for first place.
Calf Roping, Chad Shaw
Ribbon Roping: Tammy Goza and Brenson
Ribbon Roping: Tammy Goza and Brannon Allen
Breakaway:  H. Taylor first and Sarah Walker, second.
1D Ashtyn Hammes 17.74 first, C.J. Vordette 17.77, second.
2D Sabrina Walker, 18/65 first,  Taylor Vanzyl, 18.74
3D Cerra Carsten 19.93, first,  Ashton Eaken 20.06
Team Roping
#8 Tammy Goza and Ed Duran, first.
      Roger Smith and Riley Beach, second.
#11 Sheldon Satterfield and Reo Weisgerbes, first.
       Kyle Rush and Ryan Canty, second.

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