Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rodeo number six. Lots of photos this time.

Results from performances that took place in what was a very warm atmosphere during slack time to pretty decent temperatures later in the evening, are as follows:
The bareback and broncs win tonight with no successful riders.
Bryant Osborne was the only successful bull rider with a score of 82.
Junior bulls was another matter with Wyatt Bronson taking first with 75 and Colton Fritzlan placing second with 74 points.
Calf Roping Jesse Cordova wound up with first with a time of 11.43 and Bryce Grant, second with 12.25.
Ribbon roping proved to be a challenge even for the winners. Tyler Williams and Tayten Williams were first with 29.24 and Kent Edwards and Aurora Dibble placed second with 45.17. That calf just really wanted to keep that ribbon on its tail.
Harlee Williams was first in Breakaway as she roped her calf correctly in 4.05 seconds. Sheanna Shipley was second with 4.37 seconds.
First Divison Barrels watched Ashton Hammer run to a 16.m88 and second place Kathy Norell, a 17.05.
Second Division Barrels saw Heather Blasdel come in first with 17.91 and Chelsea Hotchkiss second with 18.03.
Third Division Barrels first place winner was Bradin Brehm with 18.87 and Jessica Mendes, second with 18.88.
In Team Roping #8 Brannan Allen and Jon Graza placed first with 20.58 while second place went to Wacey Clark and Kari Pellum with 24.17. (Darn barriers)
Team Roping #11 first place winners were Kyle Rush and Jon Graza, 16.94 and second place Riley Beach and Jerry Brown, 18.30.
Photos complete until end of bucking broncs. Then light is too low for clear shots.

"Have you seen my horse?"

"Here she is!"

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