Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rodeo number seven.

With cloud lightning in the south, clouds covering the sun at times, the temperature not as hot as last week, or at least seemingly so, Rimrock Rodeo number seven was a good one. With this Tuesday marking the opening night at the Mesa County Fair, attendance was not quite as packed.
Results are as follows:
The bareback horses won, no riders. Saddle Broncs saw Colt Allred take first with 68 points.
Bullriding had its thrills. Quinten Hayden placed first with an 85 point ride and Jason Blasdel rode to 75 points. One of the bulls put on quite a show trying to kick out a corner post.
Junior Bulls watched Wyatt Bronson take first with 71 and Colton Fritzlan with 70 points.
Calf Roping was won by Bryce Grronk in 12.10 seconds.
Ribbon Roping posted Denton Norell and Emma Rushing taking the winner"s pursn the barrels for place number one with 17.44e.
Breakaway first went to Sheanna Shipley, (3.22) and second went to Hallie Taylor, (3.54)
Barrel racing: 1D,  Lonnie Wolfe first with 17.44, Ashton Hammer with 17.48
2D. Bradin Brehm, 18.56, first and Marina Jones, 18.78, second.
3D Cheryl Harper, 19.45 first and Laurde Platz, 19.48, second
Team Roping (header first, heeler listed second)
#8 teams: First, Roger Smith and Jr. Rodriquez, 19.76
                Second, Tammy Gaza and Heath Harper, 19.99
#11 teams: Riley Beach and Pake Younger first, 16.13.
                  Second, Jerry McKay and Pake Younger, 17.79, second.

The photos sometimes get scrambled in order. So far there is no way to always put them where I'd like so bear with this program. They scrambled their order about half 'way down. I missed slack barrels except for three riders.
Looking over the barrels.

Ready to race.

Barrel number one done.

Thinking it over.

Here they come, for the mutton bustin' event.

"What's going on?"
"Hey, here  I go."
"No, Mr. Sheep, wrong way!"

Hats off.

"Just a little rest now."

"Let's see. On or off?"

"Here I come."

"The winner!"

"You mean only a buck?"

This one got away.

"Let's see if mom notices."

"New world view!"

"Is this how the big guys do it?"

"Oh, no, here he goes."

The winner.

"Thank you."

Mom helps son.

These two are buddies.

Flat tire!

Close up.

"Well, the last I heard..."

Fashion plate.

On the run.

Youngest competition. 

The Blue loop

About to be caught

"I'm gonna stay the time."

This bull wants him off!

Which side

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