Saturday, February 9, 2013

A week's worth of events in Fruita

These are photos of the John Otto bronze by J Michael Wilson which stands near the Grand Junction Convention Center. You can search for the Otto story posted in the archives of this blog to find out more about the history of this bronze. Just go to the upper left drop window and type in Otto, or any words that are related to this project such as Legends, Otto, J Michael Wilson.
The work stands one and one quarter bigger than life size. From the bottom of the hooves to the top of Otto's hat measures nearly 15 feet. What a wonderful public art work addition to Fruita if we can raise the funds. The City has pledged half. The former mayor has pledges for a good part of the other half. Being short by $5000, hopefully we can pull of an auction of donated art works, perhaps products and or services from local businesses. Otto's history is closely connected to that of the City of Fruita.  Fruita brought Otto to the area to be the powder man for the first roadway at the western entrance to the Colorado National Monument. It was here that Otto fell in love with the beauty he saw. He then single-handedly bugged, bothered, wrote hundreds of letters to local papers, county officials, mayors , the governor, congress and even the President Taft. He overcame all sorts of public disregard and succeeded in getting Taft to proclaim it a national monument. He actually was wanting the area to be designated as a national park, something groups are presently working for.
Since Fruita's history is closely tied to Otto, it is most appropriate the city get this art work. Since the molds are still available for the figure and horse, this is a most wonderful opportunity for the community to show their support and pride in Fruita and Otto.