Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rodeo # 7 Results and Photos

Those poor bareback and saddle bronc riders struck out again. Broncs won tonight.
BUT, the bulls, well that 's another thing. Quinten Hayden scored 83 as he rode Do It To IT, the bull that tried his best to throw him. Then Jason Blasdel rode with a score of 78 as he conquered Hi Octane. Ralf roping scores were all over the spectrum with Ryan Canty getting an 11.87 for first, and Bryce Grant, second with 13.26.
Ribbon rush roped her steer in 4.44 to win Breakaway.
Those wild riders in Barrel Racing saw Sophia Crews garner a 17.95 for first place followed by Gayla Shafer with a 18.37.
In Barrel racing 2D, Crystal Williams had a 18.97 and Brittney Gauyen ran second with 19.14.
3D scores were: Megan McKee first with 19.96 and Amy Beasley, second with 20.03
In team roping, the person who ropes the animal's head is the header. The heeler is the second name listed, and he/she ropes the feet of the animal providing the header gets the job done roping the steer's head.
#8 First place went to Drew Fowler and Chris Wehling and second to Drew Fowler and David Smith.
#11 First place went to Terry Forrest and James Hutton (15.85) and second to Mark bonella and JimBob Gumersal. (15.94)

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