Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rodeo 2012, Number two, more photos

The photos posted on this blog are the rest of those taken at the 2nd rodeo of the 2012 season. As you look through them you will find mutton busting, the bull riding, some junior bulls, the Queen and some royalty in action, the Colorado Cow Belles, who gave a wonderful program and some miscellaneous shots of what you see at a rodeo. Enjoy these. If you should like to print out some, that is fine. But, please give credit for your photo to me since I am giving my work for you to enjoy. If anyone wants to publish any of these, just call me. I am in the phone book or you may find my card at the rodeo office where athletes pick up their winnings.  If I misspell anyone's last name, also let me know. The gal that writes these results for me has to hurry and sometimes I miss recognizing a letter or two. Thanks, everyone, for your cards and support last August when I was nearly wiped out in a car accident. V.Mulder

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