Saturday, June 16, 2012

Art Camp Number 2 2102

Art Campers went on some great adventures during the second in the series of four art camps this summer.
Monday saw campers work with clay all day. (That rhymes!) The theme was "make a bowl," Father’s day is coming.  Then the whistle idea was recommended, (for teachers,  dreaded idea), but one the campers love. It is just getting everyone’s whistle to actually work that requires many minutes and patience for each. Ms. Naomi is the master at this. Whistles looked like fish and whatever fantasy ideas came up.
Then, because the group knew they were going to Moon Farm on Friday, the next big idea was to fashion their very own sketch book, even making the covers the way, or sort of, real books are made. The books turned out great. The teachers hope the idea keeps on and on, as campers grow older. A sketchbook is a great source for ideas later and a great way for imaginations to stay in shape through drawing.
Relief printmaking was another way to print, campers found. Those positive-negative designs were cool. Adding some creative patterns in zentangles provided a challenge.
After all the hard work getting the whistles to work, the kiln had to be fired in segments, which Ms Vera stressed over, hoping against hope none would break since they were slightly cold (damp) when placed in the kiln. "Yeah!!!”to say the least, ALL TURNED OUT GREAT.  Campers took them to Moon Farm and painted all in the afternoon shade. It was most evident that each worked.
Mr. Moon, we guess that’s his name, gave everyone a ride in the big train. What a fun day, with petting zoo, beautiful peacocks, plenty of houses to explore and of course, cold water, shade, and lunches. Maybe we’ll see some of you week number three.

"Now make a ball, dip it in
the soapy water."
Waht a clean project!
"But the ball is so tiny."
Who would have thought felting could be
so much fun?

Drawing with the scissors can be a
creative process.
These guys loved the chance
to do creative movement.
These campers were very serious about
making their sketch books.

And here we see some gals who took their drawing lessons
to another level adding bright color.

Those first two groups wanted their portraits.

Louise Nevelson made schlptures out of found objects.
Well, not to be outdone, so did the campers.

When the teacher finished
the spray paint job, and
all the works had dried and
were odor free, the campers
got to inspect.

Moon Farm holds so many adventures for kids and their
imaginations. Campers even picked out some houses
they might fint on the East Coast, the theme for this
week's camp.

None of us drove this car.

This southwestern adobe house
even had a patio.

The rabbits were definitely
used to being petted.

"This bunny really likes me."

"Wow, a Shetland pony."

"So this is what it feels like to ride a bull."

So the old Lady in the Shoe lived
here too?

Everyone needs a lunch break.

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