Sunday, May 20, 2012

Numerous events..(See Ice Age at end) Can you identify the events from the photos posted?Fruita

GJ fountains make for cool.

Fruita's Dance troup entertained
at this special birthday party.

Resting up for the dance.

The birthday lady is happy

And her offspring loves their families.

This troup does so many programs for so many groups.

Remember the new moon when it was
closest to earth this June.

The helipcopter flew into OMMS and other
schools in the valley to remind kids
how awful drug addiction really is.

We hope all of these kids never try

Now, grade seven at OMMS got to see for themselves, the
inner organs of a frog.

Miss Reed is quite a singer.

And she is quite lovely.

"I was at this festival
about a chicken with-
out a head.

Three heads are better than none.

Some one's grandma works at the
Community Center.

Big sister and...

...little sister

The car show is always a hit at the
Headless chicken festival.

"Doyou thing this thing really runs?"

Poor quilt, only got two bids.

Now this was really a fun ride...
"You can even walk on water."

Miss Russell is one of those
really good singers.

The lion is whispering in her ear. I
wonder what he's telling her.

"Oh Mom!"

This mammoth is telling everyone not to miss seeing the Ice
Age Display at Dinosaur Journey. 

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