Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fat Tire Number 17thAnnual, April 2012

The special event,"Fruita Fat Tire Festival" takes place the last weekend of April each year. The town just celebrated Fat Tire number 17. Although Thursday night nearly blew the town away, the rest of the weekend was just right, temperature, sunshine, brews and bikes, and lots of fun.
The old "clunker" race surprisingly had been dropped. It was the fun filled race that drew many people, visitors and locals, who enjoyed watching the quirks and miscalls of the race promoter. This year's riders enjoyed a scavanger hunt as 12 pairs paid their registration fee, hoping to be the first pair to complete the hunt successfully.  I really missed the excitement and participation in the old Clunker.
The Fat Tire Festival has grown into an international event with people showing up from all over the states. One year France, Germany, Denmark and Italy were represented along with neighboring Mexico and Canada. Although this year I didn't run into any foreign visitors, there were travelers from Canada, Montana and a few other states.
Enjoy the photos I am posting. If you like, just click twice on your choices and print out your copy, my gift to this special event and its founder Troy Rarik. Fruita loves your event.
This young one is riding to find
where all the noise is coming from.

Using a plunger as the means to move, this scavanger
hunter is propelling himself around the course.

"Here I come, ready or not."

Another step in the hunt was found at the
library where riders dropped a paper into
a box.

"And this is where you put the paper."

Of course, the hunt around Circle Park
found Greta as the landmark.

Although this pair won first place, they poised with the two
fingered trophy. Their trophy sported number one.

Twelve pairs registered for the race
knowing their fees would be donated
for the making of new trails.

bike, bikes, bikes everywhere, and
that's what this event is all about.

"Well he said he'd be back right
 away. We just have to wait."

"I don't know if I like this music group or
not, but my master seems to enjoy it."

Visitors from Montana were enjoying their stay in Fruita.

Dig their socks.


This gal was a member of
the entrants in the
scavengar hunt.

Trading shots.

One hat wasn't enough.

Crazy costumes reminded many
of the old clunker races.

The Fruita Rotary
manned the beverage
booth, great ale.

"And we want to win..." 

The first place trophey.

The legs have it.

Is this taking yoga to new

A great symbol.

All ages love those bikes.

She's just thinking about the next meal time.

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