Sunday, April 22, 2012

Altrusa holds the 49th Annual Art Show for Middle and High Schoolers

The Grand Junction Altrusa Club sponsored the Middle School and High School Art show for 2012. This happens to be the 49th year that Altrusa and the Western Colorado Center for the
Arts have held this show. Both organizations know how important art is to the learning process in every course and in every school. Thank you, Altrusa and thank you, Art Center.

This artist works in many media, and has just learned to do batik.

A haiku about clouds complimented this artist's painting for which she won a blue.

Caprock's portraits were
East Middle School always enters
great copper ropusse.
This small scratchboard merited
close examination to see the
exquisite work
This drawing showed great use of contrast.
Using styrofoam, this fish print
was a great composition.
This linoleum print
showed a new way
to create age old
Created of junk, sort of like Louise
Nevelson, a very famous artist
 might have done, the work merited a
blue ribbon.
West Middle School always shows
up with lucious food. Just don't try
to eat any because it is created
from clay.
Created by seventh graders, the class explored just who Jackson Pollock
was. It was discussed just how this technique could be called art. Art
history is fun.
This batik from OMMS
used a modern toy
as subject.
Batiks use hot wax and here
we have a "cool" bear!
This turtle swims on its
fabric making a great
Grade six at OMMS painted their science
teacher into a five by five foot square. 
FMS created this two sided art
A seventh grader's print
grabbed a red ribbon
One fat penguin batik captured many an eye.
Painting and a haiku made a great
example of graphic art.
An ancient mask on a modern
shape make for interest.
Spider, spider on the wall, what a
great batik you are.
These bananas are blue ribbon

This artist's drawing was
added to many drawings that
graced the walls of the

A clay mask from OMMS
was awarded a blue.

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