Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rodeo number eight wins a cooler temperature.

When the angry, burning sun is tempered by some rain and a drop in temperature, rodeo stock, athletes and fans are happy. Thank you Mother Nature.
Results from that rodeo are as follows:
Bareback: 1st, Caleb Hindi
Saddle Bronc: 1st, Eli Hindy with Jerry Blair as 2nd.
Calf Roping: 1st Jesse Cordova, 2nd Ryan Canty
Ribbon Roping: Tony Mendes and Jessica Blasdel took first.
Breakaway: 1st place, Sheanna Shipley.
1 D Barrels: 1st Amber Greenhigh (18.09), 2nd Crystal Williams, (18.11)
2D Barrels:  1st Julie Cooper (19.21), 2nd Jesse Braun (19.41)
3D Barrels: 1st Cassie Clark (20.37, 2nd Shaylene Schmitter (20.40)
Team Roping #8: 1st Red Harper and Paul Holiday, 2nd Kyle Rush and Kevin Kracht
Team Roping #11: 1st Jesse Baker and glen Younger, 2nd Kyle Rush and Mario Baleztena

Bull riding always revs up the audience and this evening was exactly that. Jake Cresswell on U-Turn earned 67 points for his ride, taking second place. Jason Blasdel, on Spartacus rode to an 81 score for first place.
The Junior Bull riders were ready for action as Ethan Cook broke his dry spell with a 78 on Swamp Cooler.
Widow Maker lost to his rider, Wyatt Bronson, who made a score of 71.  Kyle Mcaley earned a 70 on Bloody Bart and Jacob Spencer did a 67 on Black Jack. David Brown managed a 70 on Poison Ivy.
Judging from the way some of these young bulls sort of seek out someone or something to head butt, these bulls may develop into some even greater rides a few years from now.
See you at next week's rodeo at Rimrock.

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