Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th Rimrock Rodeo number 5 is blessed with moderate temperature

The Rodeo Clown puts his life at risk in situations like this. Bull riding
id putting it on the line.
Rodeo results follow photos of mutton busting.

Loni Wolf is rounding that barrel. Her
time was a 17.4 in slack.
Rodeo  results show Doug Shonlaw (spell) get the best ride points with Wyatt Uptain second.
The bulls really tried to take it all tonight as they did last week,  but one lone rider managed to stay aboard winning it all. Jake Cresswell went home with over a thousand smackaroos and a ride of 76.
Junior bull riding went better for the constants. Jcob Spencer and David Brown tied with 77 point rides. Ethan Cook rode to a 66 point award for second place.
In calf roping Josh Frost was first, Mario Baleztena, second.
In Ribbon roping, Jesse Cordova roped and Brittney Nan got the ribbon and sped across the barrier light with a 6.11 time to take first place. Michael Baleztena and Brittney Baleztena took second with a 10.4 time.
In Breakaway, Brittney Baleztenz was first with a 3.53 success and Brittney Brasfield scored a 3.85  for second.
Barrels saw some unusual rides with the difference in the grounds of the arena from slack time early in the evening at 4 p.m. and the later 9 o'clock evening performance with soil  more dry.
Tonya Meiman nearly did a flat 17 seconds adding .04 to her first place time for 1D Barrels.  Marvella Phelps ran a 17.26 on her mount. Times were very close as there were: 17.3,  17.4 and  17.7.
'Way to go riders!
In 2D Barrels,  Mckee had 18.51,  Deena Weaver was second with 18.53.
3D posted Taniesha Fortenberry at 19.24 for first and Jamie Cooper, second at 19.94
Team roping  #8 saw Tia Brannan and Branden Edwards place number one team.  Devan Kohls and Tony Mendez took second.
Team roping #11 found Kevin Kracht and Mario Baleztena take first and Kyle Rush and Pake Younger place second.

This steed did not want to

And away we go.

Sophia Crews is off and running.


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