Friday, July 1, 2011

Art campers finish week four with trip to Amtrack Station and more...

With the last in the series of the four  Fruita Art Camps, came challenges.
Since the theme was transportation, campers created clay wagons with moving wheels, train cars to attach to a locomotive, all with wheels that moved and an assortment of other vehicles, all with moving parts. Campers met the challenge. Since whistles are a part of transportation, campers and their teachers met the challenge of getting every clay whistle to actually whistle, except for one or two.
The youngest campers continued to hone their skills in using scissors, exploring shape and paint.
Other Campers learned about how to draw vehicles using shape and 3-d form as they applied imagination and creativity to their works. To top off the camp came a visit to the train depot in Grand Junction. Here they were treated to some interesting facts about the railroad as well as safety issues.
Thursday saw the campers get to go through a fire engine, talk to a fireman, see the inside of a police patrol car and hear safety issues from the policeman. They were able to ask all kinds of questions. Perhaps most mysterious was finding out what the inside of a Limousine was like inside. Thanks to Absolute Prestige Limousine Service, campers got to sit in this wonderful machine. The drivers were most generous in helping make this experience a pleasant and exciting one. The Fruita community certainly helped make the four June camps huge successes.
"We're loaded and ready to rumble on down to the train station."
"You'd never think about the fact that it takes a freight train
traveling at 70 mph, a mile to stop."

Of course, paper airplanes are a study in aerodynamics and fun.

"Okay campers, finish this slogan, 'Duck and ????'"

"Absolute Prestige Limos are the best!"

"And we all agree."

One question asked of the officer was,
"How do you get arrested?" Let's hope
none of these campers ever finds out.

The drivers were most gracious.

The inside of a patrol car is very interesting to say the least.

"You should never be out riding your bicycles alone and especially
never after dark."

Each Friday the group meandered down to
Munchies, for that Friday ice cream cone.
This enabled a review of safety as one crosses
 any street.

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The locomotive had 21 cars added to its load. Then campers
took home these cars to become recepticles for loose change,
or jewelry or who knows what. They all moved.

"And to all of you out there,
think about coming to next
year's camp. Those teachers
always pick out great topics
to help us learn about art,
living and thinking."

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