Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wabbit Returns

I'm older and wiser now. I remember coming
to this home in 2009.
Let me introduce myself. I am Wabbit, you know the little black kitten rescued by the lovely couple from Boulder and brought to the newspaper. I remember Gayle, lovely person who loved cats, especially me.
Well she published a story about me needing a good home. A young couple, Randy and Susan, came and asked for me.
After much scrutiny by Vera, you know her, they got to take me home.
Well, that's where I really became spoiled. I was the center of their universe. The lady of the house stayed home while her husband worked in the oil fields, or was it gas? 
Anyway, I had toys, constant petting, playing with feathers, just lots of love and attention.
Then, with the exit of oil and gas companies (Remember Black Tuesday I was told) and my lady having to go take care of her mom in Washington State, the husband brought me back to the Mulders who happily took me in, again.
Now I rule the house, at least that is my opinion. I seem to have more energy than any other cat in the neighborhood. Poor Mel can't fold laundry without my interfering to the point of blood on his hand.
Vera has holes on her should when I surprise her  as I decide I want to cuddle. I think she likes that warmt wrapped around her neck.
So here I am, Queen, without my tiara.
Check out my young days by going to the index under the Twitter entries to the right of this news blog.   I was just as cute back then.

Hark, I think I here someone coming,

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