Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rodeo number four watched the animals win.

June 28 saw the animal athletes win many of the events, especially where bull riding was concerned.
Bulls with great names stole the show. There was Poison Ivy who threw rider McCabe; Bloody Bart gave Erin Haas a flip; Top Cat and Jaws lost their riders. Mud Puddle and Lone Star were more of the junior bulls who went riderless although Ethan Cook nearly made it.
The big bulls, Pop Quiz, Rhino, Blue Moon and Orange Tang went to the winning stand. Duddly got rid of Jason Blazedell while Laides Man rid himself of Robert Gracey.
The only rider to make time was junior bull rider Wyatt Broson with a 75.
Calf roping found the calves very quick as many eluded any rope. Finally, Ryan Canty placed first and  Mario Baleztena won second, both with scores of under 8 seconds.
Brittany Baleztena took first with S.Shipley roping for second in  breakaway.
According to a constaant, since I had no times on the winners record, Catlin Jones took first with 16.8, someone had a 17.3 and Sophie Crews had 17.4 something. "Tis allI was given on Barrels.
Team roping found many heelers not quite making contact with those hind legs.
Team #8 found the team of Troy Clark and Jr Dees at first place with a 5.9. Tia Brannan amd Lane Wood  placed second.
Team #11 watched Kyle Rush with Bradnen Edwards place first. The second tean place went to Kyle Rush and Jim Bob Ganersall

This young roper and his partner took first place with
their time of 5.9 seconds.

Here comes the heeler.

"Where'd my hat go?"

Joe, without his partner.

"He's ready now."

"Come on, go..."

"Now hold on to this rope."

"Won't this sheep go any

"I survived and I want my

"First they put this thing on you,
then they take it away."

"My grandaughter is the best."

"This is mutton busting?"

"I know mon is watching, but
I think I want off."

"Man, I'm not sure about this."

Getting ready for bull riding photos later today

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