Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art Campers finish week three with ships and helmets.

Would you believe, a counter full of Viking Helments, and then those Viking ships, off to adventures unknown, filled the kiln and came to life under the skillful brushes of artists ages 5 to 12. You can see some of the boats are on display along with a few helmets in the display cases at the Fruita Civic Center.
Next week the campers will visit an Amtrack Station, learn about train safety, create imaginary vehicles that hopefully will be able to roll, perhaps make a train from clay slabs that rolls, and more.
The field trip was made possible thanks to our Fruita Rotary who generouslly support kids and the many things art teaches from listening skills, creativity and even for the really young, how to use a scissors.
Fruita Art Camps rock and one of the campers put on his poster.
These artists tried to show what a Viking might have looked
like in battle or perhaps in showing strength????
Camp shirts were silk screened by campers.

This is some serious work.

Those ship bodies remind me of fish.

"Well, my color scheme is

"And I'll use a triadic scheme using
secondary colors."

Friday lunch in Circle Park is fun.

This camper is thinking about a color
scheme for his helmet of paper mache.

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Shields made of the color wheel were

Viking ships in crayon resist
turned out to be very artsy.

Waiting for the kiln bisque fire, the 5 and 6 year old class piled their
creative works into the saiting tray.

That class was very busy.

This artist is working on his
long boat.

This artist found that turning her boat upside down made it
easier to paint the shields from which the oars were placed.
Her sail is pink and blue, true Viking colors maybe.

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