Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mike the Headless Chicken 2011

The Beloved Invaders played Saturday early afternoon
followed by The Boys of Summer and then a group called
 Under the Radar.

Friday evening listeners were treated to Pineapple Crackers and the group pictured here, Ronnie Raygun and the Big Eighties who proved to be a
big hit.

Mike the Headless Chicken Festival proved to be quite a bit less moisturized this year. Drizzle on Friday slowed no one down. Saturday welcomed the sun for much of the day. Festival goers enjoyed the small town atmosphere festival. Let's see what next year will bring.
One of this year's quilt blocks made
for a quilt or banner depicts the
chick with no head.

The quilt blocks from last year's festival
were made into a quilt. Numbers were sold
and some lucky person will win this

A good crowd enjoyed the music and
the sunny weather.

The beer garden is always a hit

A few rides proved fun for
the young set.

His dog rides well and in style.

The bungie jump was popular.

"I'll trade you..."

Bikers enjoyed the festival. Do you
suppose any of these ran in the
5K or 10 K run Saturday morning?

Mom plays mechanic on
this vehicle.

Dad and kids took a tasty break from
watching the lawnmower races earlier.

A variety of booths offered
great items for sale.

The jump booth was always

The Fruita Lions always serve up a
great breakfast at Mike's Festival.

Those plates contained the best
pancakes in the Valley.

And the smile of approval is clear.

"Yes, I made the ham...."

The car show is always a big hit.

A 1940's Studebacker
caught many an eye.

Feast your eyes on these grand autos.

The blonde roster...

Owner's favorite color is blue.

Rescue from what?

This car came with a camper.

Caught looking.

This hat is evidence of many
trips to car shows.

The photo says it all.

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