Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fat Tire Festival another success.....2011.

Some can do anything on
a bike.

What was the title of
this trick?
 Upon the 20th year for the Fat Tire Festival, the weather turned out better than the 2010 event. Except for a few snow flakes one evening, some chilly hours, the sun did come out upon the lively scene for enough time to make some good riding.
As always, the Klunker Race, now in its 16th year,
provided lots of unusual rules and confusion which made for lots of fun for those in the race and the crowd watching.
The town of Fruita has grown to love this event which introduces people from all over the country to the area bike trails, many of which were built by
the events founder, Troy Rohrig.
Be sure to check Mountain Biking Magazines, the internet, and any other sources for information about 2012, As writer of this blog, I promise even better temperatures. Bikers, keep on visiting us. We love you all.....
You can check out past Fat Tire events which are archived in past blogs.  Check my lengthy index.
The festival is a family affair as well as a great venue for everyone. Here we
go, round "the mulberry bush."

There's always a time to just sit and visit.

Found at the Mirth this weekend
were a variety of musicians.

The sun was out a good while but when
it went under, a chill hit.

Aspen Coffee kept its welcome  doors open for the numerous visitors.

Three bikes just waiting for their

The master of ceremonies and brains for the
 event, Mr. Troy Rorhrig

This gal was very excited
about racing in the
16th annual Clunker Race.

Following the examples of the British
custom of wearing ridiculous hats,
Felicia Williams smiles wisely.

And, here she is again, warming up.

Felicia and Aaron are attached.

"And the rules are...well
there actually are none except
don't get hurt."

A Benedetto leads the pack.

And away they go...

Show off!

And the two meet.

"My name is Mud, and that's
a fact.

The royal hat called for
a royal costume.

"That's my dad."

"He does the silliest things."

"Okay dad..."

Mom carefully gives toddler
a short ride.

New Belgium is a regular sponsor....

The kids gang up on good ole dad.

Family portraits can be taken anywhere.

To be in the klunker race, one must
be in shape.

"I am truly serious about this

Ane here she comes again.

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