Monday, February 7, 2011

New community center is completed and doors opened, in Fruita, Colorado.

After three attempts to get a Community Center plan passed
by the community,, the new building is complete.

The third attempt was the charmed attempt as voters passed the bond issue for a community center. Even the third time had its problem when the public's vote came out tied. The vote was challenged and after a hand count, the center was approved by a  100 plus votes.
Thanks to Tom Dodd, who spearheaded "The Penny Posse," a group who went out and did all they could to encourage people to vote for the center, the third attempt to pass the bond issue was finally successful. Then, thanks to Karen Leonhart, the Dolphins, and so many others who spent time and energy to raise money for six lanes in the indoor pool, the extra money was raised to make the pool 6 lanes Mary Caywood helped with her grant writing. Finding that the move to build only three lanes was afoot, Leonhart and others involved in bringing in added funds, attended a City council to make their case known.  It was at this time that, after listening to Leonhart and group's information, Council declined to approve three lanes as presented by the City Manager and the Rec Director, and they ended up approving  two more lanes resulting in a five lane pool. Perhaps, due to plans already in place for three lanes, adjustments were made at the cost of deck space, negating any chance of hosting swim meets for added revenue. A masters swim group probably won't happen either. Money raised for the sixth lane apparently went elsewhere.
The seniors had been dreaming of a senior center for years as they collected cans and saved the money which, after nearly 10 years, added to over 90,000 dollars. They now have the use of a shared kitchen, small rec room and room open to them for dinners and special events.

In any case, Fruita Community is proud of the new center. Everyone hopes it will be an asset to all.
Fruita also benefits from the foresight of the Library District who approached the City to "share in the construction of a common wall which joined the new library to the center, thus saving construction money for both entities.
The library held its open house on February 2. This beautiful and most useful library is an incredibly positive addition to the city housing additional space for a children's reading area, adult and family reading space, much more room for additional shelving and books, added computers and much more. In fact it is the first new library to be built in Mesa County in 110 years according to the Library Administration. You don't want to miss visiting this wonderful addition to Fruita.
The big opening for the Community Center is scheduled for February 12, 2011. The Sweetheart run and a health expo will also be held that same day. There will be more photos posted for that event. See you there.

The indoor pool sports a "walking river" good for therapy.
Jeff Bates' sculpture honors the senior citizens who worked hard for this dream.
The old, outdoor pool has been remodeled and will be appreciated this summer.
The front desk is a busy place.
A bike and workout room just waits for action.
Here you will find 16 brand new top of the line
bikes for spinniing.
Bates' sculpture uses 50 gallon drums to remember all the cans the seniors collected to raise nearly $100,000.

A large shallow area makes it safe for toddlers.

A meeting room holds 90 person max.

The walking track surrounds the half sized gym.
Lifeguards will be busy.

You will find a gym full of brand new,
state of the arch workout equipment located upstairs.
The day care maxes out at 14.

Downstairs is found a space for small gatherings with a couch,
vending machines and new tv for movies.
This is another view of the walking track on the second floor.

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