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Rimrock Rodeo ends season with Championships Sept 25, 2010

Photos need editing due to light conditions this time of year. Will be posted in a few days....AND...if I misspell anyone's name, please email me the correct spelling. The gals who kindly write out the list for me are very busy and sometimes I can't read the writing because I do not know the individuals...thus the misspelling. I do not get paid to publish pieces about the rodeo, I do it as a community service. I want everyone in the valley to have success. Thanks to "no name" for emailing me how terrible my spelling is.
And, since sometimes editing photos takes hours, my hours, I do not always get them on the blog as soon as I would like. Thanks for looking. Remember, the photos are free, just click twice, will enlarge and you can print....

All Round Champion, Hank Bounds

Barrel Racing 1 D champion is Sopia Crews, 2 D champion is Lisa Hudson, and 3 D champ is Taniesha Fortenberry.

Team Roping Champions are as follows, header first, then heeler.
#8, Kyle Ruish,  Kevin Kraft
#11, Kyle Rush, Hank bounds

Break-away Champion: Sheanna Shipley

Bareback Riding Champ, Jimmy Blair

Ribbon Roping Champion tean Jesse Cordova and Katie Jones

Calf Roping Champion Jesse Cordova

Saddle Bronc Champion Noah Blackwell

Bull Riding Champion Quinten Hayden

Junior Bull Riding Joey Brown

A record crowd attended the final session of this season's Rimrock Rodeo.
With the weather perfect though pretty warm, the end of the season rodeo for the championships went very well.

Earlier in the afternoon slack barrel racing saw 17.1, 17.2, 17.4, 17.8, times which put the pressure on the evening riders.
Team ropers slugged it out for positions on the evening roster.
The evening performances began with the usual Mutton Bustin' event which enables youngsters learn to ride as they put on their safety gear to ride a sheep.
The next event was the bull riding show. The bulls were energized and won most of the time, leaving Quinten Hayden taking first and Terranze Calhun placing second.
In the Junior bull event, Ethan Cook was the only rider who stayed aboard, with an 92 point ride. He is also one of  8 youth that were selected to take part in Nationals. Congratulations Ethan!
Calf roping winner was Reece Potter;  second, Jesse Cordova
Ribbon Roping, First place winning team, Pake Younger and Jess Jackson,; second Dalton Pelster and Casey Pelster.
Breakaway had no winners
Team Roping winners were: #8, Jeanna Nestler and Heath Harper, second place, Lance Bartey and Glenn Younger.
#11 teams, first, Jelly McKay and Hank Bounds; second, Cass Rah and David Smith.

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