Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Army veteran intends to walk 7000 miles to earn money for Iraq veterans in need of medical help

Walking across America for veterans of Iraq and their famlies, Troy Yocum is hoping to raise money to help these families in need.
Russell Skalla and Ritchie Castro of Fruita, stopped to talk with Yocum. They were impressed by his dedication to these veterans, many of whom have a difficult time to find appropriate help.
Skalla and Castro submitted the photos shown here along with their impressions of the event.
Mayor Ken Henry signed the Louisville Slugger bat Yocum carries with him. The RV serves as the back up and safety issue for Yocum and his wife as they walk the miles.
The Fruita members of the American Legion were happy to welcome this brave veteran.
According to the web site,, Yocum is looking for people to meet him and help him get mayors and governors of places he passes through to sign his bat. He hopes to get a National Day for Deployed Soldiers and get highways named after fallen heroes.
He is hoping people will spread his story to get help for Iraq war veterans. Hopefully groups like Boy Scouts, police, fire and others will come out.
Readers can follow more of his travels by following this site.

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