Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rim Rock Rodeo August 2, 2010

And he's hanging in there.
Riding on.

Results from the rodeo follow these photos of the bull riding events.
T. Williams, the rodeo clown more than saved a few injuries.
Besides being a funny clown with those jokes of his, he knows how to read trouble before it happens. Great job, Williams.

Free at last


Williams to the rescue

"Man, that was a ride."

Junior bullriding on Son of Sam

Hanging on

With a very hot afternoon slowly changing into a comfortable evening, rodeo fans and athletes enjoyed the first rodeo of August.
Results of the rodeo showed the bare back horses as the winners. The saddle broncs were nearly as successful since only Jerry Blair was able to stay atop his mount for the 8 seconds.
The bull riding event was just as exciting. Jason Blasdale took firs place with an 81. Quinten Hayden placed second with either a 72 or 71,
Junior bull riders had some very active bulls. Only a few points separated first and second, with a tie for second. David Brown was first, Josh Frost and Jacob Bodan tied for second.
Calf Roping first place went to Ryan Canty, second was another tie between Josh Frost and Hank Bounds.
Ribbon roping, where one person ropes the calf and the other participant grabs the ribbon tied to the tail of the calf and then runs back to break the barrier saw Pake Younger and Arles Hernandez take first. Sheanna Shhipley and Lindsay Jewell take second.
Breakaway is the event in which female riders rope the calf, but instead of wrestling it down, they simply release the rope.
In this event Amber Greenhalgh was first and Mandy Rush was number two.
Barrels are always exciting. In the evening event, after Deanna Weaver ran the course with a 17.9, it seemed ipossible to beat her, but Sophie Crews did just that with a 17.4.
In Barrel racing Division 2, Sara Bowers was number one and Kaitlin Jones, two.
Third division found Taniesha fortenberry as number one and Kathy Norell, number two.
Team roping, which always seems to have the most enteries, is divided into 2 catageories, #8 and #11. Perhaps someday someone will explain those catagories to me.
In #8, Header Mark wagner and Heeler ed Duran placed first. Mary Wagner then paired with Kevin Kracht and the two placed second.
In #11, Kyle Rush and Hank Bounds took first. Jerry McKay and Hank Bounds took second.

Then there is Mutton Bustin' presided on by the Infamous Uncle Bob and his various friends.

"And now, it's mutton bustin' time."

Waiting for the go...

Queen McGeeWaiting


Last minute preparation

"And now, this is what you do."

It's off to the gates.

Okay, here I go.

This guy leans to the left.

Mom will keep your hat safe.

Oh, my gosh....I think ...

Oh no, I'm falling...

The prizes make it less scary.

Well I guess this is all there is...

Girls make good riders.

And this one leans to the

If I lean back I can stay on.

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