Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photos, Rodeo August 24, Barrels,Broncs,Bulls,Roping,Mutton,People .Enjoy

The photos begin with the lovely barrel racers. 
Those of the broncs follow. In the past, the broncs always did their event when it was too dark to photo well unless you had a good flash. Well, I don't like flashes because they could bother the animals and the athletes who ride them.  So, consequently, since the rodeo's event schedule was rearranged for the past two rodeos, it is the bulls who are rather neglected this time since they come out near the end of the show.  After the Barrel racing come the broncs, then the bulls, roping, mutton busting and candid shots of people at the rodeo. Enjoy.
  Be sure to travel all the way down this blog and see all the photos. I am guessing I spent around 4 hours or more editing as I picked and downloaded all just for all of you. I have included a poem about cowboys by Don Wynkoop for your enjoyment. The results for Aug. 24 are published a few blogs ago. Just type in "Rodeo, Aug. 24." they will show up.
As you view the photos, let me introduce you to Don Wynkoop, a really good,
local western poet. He lives in Fruita. So, here is his poem titled "Campfire"

by Don Wynkoop

Sparks flew as though to welcome
the log that came to call.
And flames beat back the darkness,
as the night began to fall.

He hunkered round the coffee pot
a comfort at his age.
And with a sign and a squinted eye,
breathed in the smoke and sage.

The bacon softly sizzled,
as the skillet did its part,
and there's nothing like a campfire,
to warm the hands and heart.

His hobbled pony nickered,
as it grazed beyond the light.
Dark ushered in new noises,
to serenade him through the night.

The crickets chirped a melody,
then the hooting of an owl.
And somewhere from the darkness,
came a lonesome coyotes howl.

He thought of things that he should do,
and places he should go.
But the flames warm dance
embraced his glance,
he basked in its soft glow.
So he smiled into his coffee cup,
fed the fire a chunk of wood.
For it's the simple things
that this life brings,
that makes a cowboy's life so good.

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