Sunday, August 29, 2010

Community Hospital, Mesa State College Cycling Team and Neil Bradford Scholarship Fund benefit from Tour of the Valley

With lots of cyclists on the Valley roads, Sunday, August 29, it was obvious that the Tour of the Valley was going strong.
This annual bicycle event benefits the Community Hospital, the Mesa state College Cycling Team and the Neil Bradford Scholarship Fund. Neil Bradford was killed in a bicycle accident when riding along Little Park Road in Grand Junction..
Thje Double Tree Inn on Horizon Drive was the beginning and the end of the various tours cyclists chose to travel. Thirty miles, fifty miles, seventy-five miles and a 100 miles gave riders plenty of choices when they showed up to register and ride.
One of the courtesy stops was found in Fruita, on the lawn of the Fruita Chamber of Commerce. Here Carl Desrosiers provided support and a welcome smile for riders as they took the opportunity to stop for refreshments and a pause to catch their breath.
"I'm not Lance, but I'm here," said Gerry Bohn of Aspen. Bohn  was happy to take part in the 2010 Tour.
"This is my sixth or seventh tour," he said. "That Palisade Hill almost was a stopper so we are doing 75 miles instead of 100 miles."
His riding partner was Reggie Jackson, a friend and resident of Aspen.
Jackson was happy to be in the Tour.
"One of the reasons we do this tour," he said, "is because of the people we meet. Everyone is so friendly when you get ten miles away from Aspen."
Mark Barnum (yes, 4th removed from the famous Barnum of Barnum and Baily Circus) was very happy to be riding.
The Fruita Mcnamars have been riding in the event many times. They went on their way after a stop to pump up a tire.
Elaine Brett from Hotckiss has dont the tour for six years. She was with a group of women from her area who hike, bike and ski together.
There was no one to give stats as to how many states or if a foreign country resident was in the event.
Desrosiers noted that riders from all over the state were represented.

Elaine Brett is with a group
of Hotskiss women known as
"Women on the Move."

Bicycles for two can be a challenge
according to the riders of this one.

Looking over a shoulder to see
where a companion is.

It's time to head on, lots of miles to go.

The logo on the event's shirt says it all.

The chance to get a short break was

Meeting people like these two Aspenites
gives the chance to hear interesting
things about people who take part in
The Tour of the Valley.

Help yourself.

It's on the road as soon as this tire is safe.
Great going all you cyclists. see you next year!

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