Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Art at Chipeta Elementary

Art is alive and well for the time being at Chipeta Elementary. Traveling the halls you will find fourth graders clues of Indian stories on crumpled brown paper, replicas of what could have been real drawings on buffalo hide.
Crayon resist hangs outside another froth grade classroom. Fifth graders completed drawings that the art teacher could then analyze to get ideas as to what is next in that class. Notans and zendoodles captivated another fifth grade class as evidenced in displays.
Kindergarten created some great and most original valentines. Not to be outdone, they then did family portraits.
All I can say is "Wow! These students love their art."

Vera Mulder, that's me, gets to enjoy helping out with the level of creativity. There will be more great works. Keep your eyes open.

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