Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rim Rock Rodeo, August 11 opened with the Army's Golden Knights

Last Tuesday's Rim Rock Rodeo had a special show for the audience. After the preliminary barrel racing, team roping and mutton busting, the arena was cleared and the sound of a plane might have been heard as people looked to the sky. After a few minutes, there they were, the Golden Knights, riding the air currents as they set their sights on the cross in the arena's surface.
With wonder the crowd watched in awe as each of the paratroopers hit target, the first man bringing the American Flag, to mark a special Military Appreciation Day.
When a Golden Knight Paratrooper “steps” out of the plane thousands of feet above the earth, he begins to descend to earth at the rate of 120 miles per hour. He uses his arms, his head, his body in his flight. riding air currents and using the cords on his parachute, he is able to manipulate the directional flow so well that he can land on a small target far below. This skill was most evident with the paratroopers who landed in the arena at Rim Rock.
The spokesman for the troop noted that in 1959, at Fort Braag, the first such troop was formed.
As Sargent First Class Dan Hendrix floated to earth, he proudly carried the U.S. Flag.
The National Anthem was sung as the crowd paused to show their respect for the flag and in remembrance of the Veterans present. Representing the wounded Warriors Organization, Rob and Debbie England received recognition from the troop.
Information on this organization which is a great help to many veterans as well as current, wounded military personnel can be found at
The pin point landings in the arena highlighted the evening as the Englands accepted a special golden baton, which had been passed hand to hand during the free fall by the paratroopers, a recognition of the work their group, the Grand Junction Wounded Warriors have done for wounded veterans.
"It is humbling to receive this award," England said. "We are great supporters of our soldiers and appreciate all they do for this country."

Top finishers from the Rimrock Rodeo on Aug. 11, 2009
1- Quintan Hayden
2- Cody Tesch

1- Luke Califano
2- Wyatt Bronson

1- Ryan Canty
2- Jesse Cordova

1D - 1. Jessica Blasdel 2. Amber Greenhalgh
2D - 1. Heather Fulmer 2. (TIE) Tina Collins & Kelly Millard
3D - 1. Shaylere Schmitter 2. Logan Davis

(8) - 1. Jesse Potter / Ty Farris 2. Dale Brandon / Coy Hildreth
(11) - 1. Clay Norell / Ken Norell 2. Payton Norell / Ken Norell

1 - Cody McClusky / Amber Greenhalgh
2 - Travis Bounds / Laura Soucie

1- Mandy Rush
2- Amber Moore

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