Thursday, August 13, 2009

Relay for Life photos for the brave hearts that worked so hard.

Gathered at Pablo's Pizza, part of the group that successfully completed the fourth Fruita Relay for Life talked about ways to improve the effort next year.
On a personal basis, everyone in the group either knew someone who was recovering, just had discovered they had a cancer or knew of someone who had lost the battle with the deadly disease.

Now officially ended, the Fruita Relay for Life, 2009, raised $26,000. With fewer numbers, the mighty teams showed what their spirits and drive could do.
Next year it is hoped to get more people involved. Perhaps the groups who took part in the first Fruita Relay will return.
Congratulations to Suzi Potratz for her incredible effort at organizing and her successful inspiration to all those who took part in this fight against cancer.
Please, anyone viewing this, take part in
next year's event. Let's make it a successful one as well.

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