Thursday, July 9, 2009

Music, food for the heart and mind

Found at Camilla's Kaffe in Fruita were two very talented individuals, Cullen Purser and John Winn.
Cullen Purser is a "Fruitian" who makes guitars as well as harps. He creates beautiful, original furniture also. In fact, I would bet there is not too much he does not do and does it well. He is a gifted musician, writes songs, and performs his works.
John Winn, of Grand Junction, is a familiar face. A talented song writer and musician, Winn has performed at the Thursday Concerts in Fruita.
He is noted by the "New York Times" as, "representing the minstrel-troubadour tradition with high artistry."
"The Gaslight" of New York City, published that he is "a colorful performer, an intricate blending of voice and music."
Winn won the song writing contest for the 125th anniversary of the City of Grand Junction.
The song,"Where the rivers Run Together" was chosen by the centennial committee.
Winn performed it at the County Fair.
Interestingly, both musicians started their careers when each reached the age of around ten. Cullen actually began with a trumpet. He, being very quiet, shocked everyone at church camp by singing and blew his audience away. 
The two, now good friends, have much in common. What is interesting is that without know what the other was working on, both wrote new songs based on a garden. Cullen's asks "Do you plant your garden out of joy or fear."
Winn's new work is "seeds I sew," a metaphor for life as a garden.
Even though nearly a month passes between meetings, they even use similar key structure.
Look for more great things to come from these two talented persons.

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