Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harlan Mosher's installation on 24 Road Roundabout completed Thursday July 29,2009

Three years later, after a call to Mesa County artists for entries in a public art competition for the two round 
abouts on 24 Road, near Canyon View, the art work has been completed and installed.
After concept drawings were submitted to the Arts and Culture Commission of Grand Junction, Mosher's concept was chosen.
"I just thought I would use the Colorado National Monument as my inspiration ," Mosher said. "The exit onto 24 Road from I-70 is the Gateway to Grand Junction. The monoliths and formations on the Monument fit this idea so well."
The sculptures were commissioned before the economy started its down turn. Funds were set aside for the project.
With his tendency for perfection, Mosher designed maquettes to visualize the work, then proceeded to construct the 30 foot works from 50/50 alloy weather-proof aluminum.
As the day neared, the day for the installation, neither Mosher nor his assistants for the move got more than a couple of hours of sleep.
With traffic buzzing, as per usual during the morning rush hour, the crane moved in. The two semi trucks rounded the pavement around the two cement pads, waiting for the sculptures.
The crane easily lifted, one at a time, the under 5000 pound metal monoliths, and gently set them in place according to Mosher's directives.
Later this afternoon, it was a pleasure to see the pair, as one drove up the ramp off I-70. The work is truly an appropriate and beautiful gateway to this valley.

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