Sunday, July 12, 2009

Events which are of interest and importance for mid July, 2009

Meandering around the newspaper, the internet, and City Council news, you all might want to pay attention to the following information.
Did you know that now hackers can climb into their automobiles equipped with a Matrics antenna and Motorola reader available for purchase nearly anywhere, cruise the town, and be able to read identity cards of total strangers, wirelessly, without ever having to leave the car? It would be worth searching the Internet for more on this fact.
Sadly, the new RFID tags, the electronic PASS cards and more can be scanned from 30 feet through the lining of a purse, pocket or backpack. Big Brother is here. Interesting.
Josh Penry, his old boss and teacher, Scott McGinnis and another Republican are after Governor Ritter's job. This should make the oil and gas industry happy because they want to continue the Bush legacy of no regulations. Is this another form of "Don't ask, don't tell?"
The City of Fruita has vacancies on boards and commissions needing volunteers to apply to become members.
These include 3 openings on the Tree Board, 2 on the Planning Commission, 2 on the Tourism Advisory Board, 1 regular seat and 1 alternate on the Board of Adjustments. 
Applications are available in the City Clerk's Office.
The repair of Reservoir #1 is underway as Army Reserve Troops are mobilizing for their training and are working this weekend of July 10.
Fifty percent were mobilized last week with equipment.  
The weekend of the 17th, city crews will be installing storm water management fencing and hay bales for the project.

Mesa County accepted the CUP permit application for the wastewater treatment plant mandated by the government. As soon as that property is annexed, the construction will begin. The County has scheduled  the hearing for this matter on August 25.

You may have noticed tear off maps at businesses in Fruita. The maps are designed to help visitors find their way around the town.
Someone really goofed on the census as the US Census Bureau noted Fruita's population as of July, 2008 as being 7,418. July, 2007 the number was given as 10,947.  I don't think anyone left, in fact, more have moved in, replacing any movers and adding to the population numbers.
Knowing many of you have read and heard about the controversy over a recent drunk driving death. Again, some one is attempting to cast the blame for the drinking problem elsewhere, instead of accepting the responsibility where it belongs, in the home.  As per several of the letters to the editor in the Sentinel, why didn't someone cut the drinking problem off years ago? This way, tragic occurrences such as this wouldn't be happening.
There is a wonderful Kids' Art Show at Pablo's Pizza for the month of July (till July 25, that is). Go see it with a friend and enjoy a refreshment and food.

All you artists out there, get a work or two ready for the Fall Festival Art Show. It will hang in the City Hall instead of a tent. The work will be secure and safe from any sudden, strong wind storm.
Works will be accepted the Wednesday prior to the festival. More information will be forthcoming soon. Contact Vera Mulder, 314 1245 for more information.

Family Health West Day is July 17. The hospital will celebrate with a grand opening for the public on July 18. Open house runs from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Be there for this historic event.
For those of you who like to read the Denver Post, bad news arrived. 
The Post delivery has been eliminated in this area as of July 12. Those who subscribe received notice that
 "Your print subscription will now be a Sunday Only. You will have the opportunity to obtain the same coverage though the electronic replica edition, available through the Internet.
"Those who wish this service may call customer service at 1-800-543-5543 or email,"
The notices said "We appreciate your loyalty."
It is rather difficult to keep that loyalty when the Western Slope is valued for its water and resources, yet is not important enough to receive the same courtesy of papers as the Eastern Slope.
Councilor Bruce Bonar organized a tour of 20 plus acres of open space along the Colorado for disc golf enthusiasts, a riverfront Foundation representative and others to glean thoughts on the land regarding access, use, layout and such issues. It is intended that over the next weeks, mountain bike riders and disc golf folks will work out ideas to help sketch respective courses.
These will then be run by the appropriate agencies for review.
CDOT banners are still in the works. Signs on the roundabout will be in the future.
As per usual, rumors can reek havoc when those that listen don't bother to check out the facts. Remember the awful City Council meeting at Loma when the big craze was shouted that"We will never let Fruita annex Loma!" when the simple truth was that Fruita could NOT have done that even it it did become insane and try such. The State law prohibits any such move. Thus you have another example of knee jerk fear mongering. Anyway, the point is another source of rumors is about.
Aspen Street Coffee wanted to submit plans for their own business which would give them some better space outside their shop this summer, that required moving planters, NOT REMOVING THEM, and doing a redesign, enabling better service to customers who might like to visit outside the establishment as they enjoyed their coffee or other refreshments. Aspen Street will be responsible for maintenance and the City will have more pleasant views, a can't lose situation.
The Welshes along with a City Council member talked to and received all the main street businesses' support, the process still has to go through planning commission and council.
Whatever will help bring and keep business in Fruita should be priority.
Remember, folks, get the facts, not the rumors!
Check the web site for Parks and Rec information on events.

Amanda Davis, artist, has a showing of her sculptures at the Blue Pig Gallery in Palisade.

Strokes of Genius offers summer pottery classes. Learn the technique of antiquing. Sessions run every other Wednesday. Morning classes begin at 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Afternoon classes run from 2 to 4 p.m. The $10 fee includes everything you need for the class. Don't miss this opportunity. Strokes of Genius is located in the Fruita Kokopelli Shopping Center.

Fall Little League Registration will take place July 14 and 15 at 518 28 3/4 road Grand Junction from 6 - 8 p.m.

Be sure to listen to 99.9 KEKB, breakfast Club with McKinzie Dedge for more news and event daily.

Don't forget Relay for Life, Fruita, July 31, August 1. Donations are greatly appreciated in this fight against cancer. 

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