Sunday, July 12, 2009

Clover Buds get ready for County Fair 2009

It is my opinion, (Vera Mulder), that the future of the earth will depend on civilization being able to survive using the basics, and the basics are taught in groups like the 4-H clubs around the country, Boy and Girl Scout organizations and other such groups.
This Sunday, 4-H Clover Buds, kids under 8 years of age, were learning how to be successful in working with animals, showmanship, stances, how to groom their calves, all geared on animal husbandry.
Parents and their children work and learn together as they master and improve these essential skills.
Ryan Husdon, Ag teacher at Fruita Monument High School, reviewed pointers on showing the calves and caring for them.
The Bucket Calf Showing will be held July 24 at the Mesa County fairgrounds. Don't miss it.


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