Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art camp four presents the hula and lots of other art forms

Art camp, fourth week, didn't have the great train ride and  professional cartoonist of week three, but a great time was had by every camper, all 40. 
Being Hawaiian Week, students became acquainted with fauna,
and all that  is found in the fiftieth  state.
Flowers, sea life, the volcano and fruits such as the pineapple found their way to
sketchbooks and the subject of paintings and drawings.

Clay was the medium of choice for the first two days since the kiln had to be fired and cooled in time for decoration on Friday.
With batik last week, this week found fourty tie-dye t-shirts bright and cheery.
The elements of design were worked in with interest and fun.
Orgami was a treat as taught by Jenaer Rader, a student in in Lauri Baker's FMHS art class.
He will be a junior next year. Hopefully, next season he will grace the camps with a piano recital. Rader is an accomplished pianist and artist. All campers went home with several creations, made of special paper Rader brought from his summer trip to Japan.
Wednesday, campers were
treated to a lesson in dance, another art form.
Mary Lee Bowen and Ellen Roberts were kind enough
to demonstrate and teach some of the gestures that tell stories about Hawaii. Ellen has been involved in hula dancing for the past 15 years. At the young age of 88, she is still going strong. Mary Lee and she do quite a bit of senior activities. The campers enjoyed learning the gestures as they wore their leis, on loan from Mary Lee and Ellen and their hula skirts, compliments of the Free Press. Art camp has been a wonderful experience for all except for the hot temperature in one of the 
classrooms, the old kitchen.
 Students adapted to the heat, enjoyed trying new things n
ot available in our elementary schools since the majority of the schools do not have an art program daily or weekly and had fun.
In some schools a once a month Art Heritage Program does take place.  Watch for information on 2010 summer art camp. Hopefully each week will make the max of 40 students and the temperature will be adjusted for the benefit of all.

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