Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rodeo number 8

Rim Rock Rodeo number 8...with all photos slack barrels, mutton busting, bulls, animals and people. Whoops, I posted them sort of not in order. Have fun!
And the rodeo began with some clouds providing some reprieve from a blasting sun. Animals and Rim Rock Rodeo audience and athletes all enjoyed this.
Shane Smith rode to a score of 63 on BAREBACK BRONC..

Ethan Cook edged out Garrett Marchin on the BULLS with a 73 to Marchin's 72.
Jate Frost rode JUNIOR BULLS to a 75 and second place Cutler Cowden rode to a score of 71.
In CALF ROPING, Jate Frost roped his calf and tied it in 11.31 seconds. Kole Roberts placed second with 15.78 seconds .

RIBBON ROPING event saw Mario Balezrena and Daniel Denton take first in 7.81 seconds. Kole Roberts and ShaRe Dorscher were second with a time of 16.41

Tammy Goza was the only successful BREAKAWAY contestant with 3.31 seconds.

Thinking that earlier times of 17.61 and 17.8 would be the winners in BARREL RACING, I was surprised to see that the evening part of the contest saw Markie Vetere score 17.38 for first and Shandell Rudman second with 17.54...speed demons!

BARRELS 2D saw ShaRae Dorscher win with 18.38 and second place Kayla Jobes,  with 18.45.
BARRELS 3D First place went to 19.41 seconds by Jordyn Minor and Kayanna Vidmar second, in 20.63 seconds.

Rory Beach and Tee Wofford made 16.26 seconds.
and second place team Rory Beach and Jon Goza made a time of 16.51.

First place with a time of 13.65 went to Shanney Shipley and Tee wofford.
Second place time was 14.02 by Tee Wofford and Kole Roberts.


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