Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rim Rock Rodeo number 7 with photos

I was too late getting to the arena to get all the barrel racing but did get one gal. She was fast. Then, thanks to my dog getting out, I was late for mutton busting but I did get ropers and some Ribbon runners. The bulls put on a good show, The light gets on the darker side so things get blurry fairly soon after junior bulls. I wish I could get good shots later on, I just hate to take flash with animals.

Here are the results for tonight's rodeo are as follows:

Bull Riding:  Jason Blasdel first place, 81
                      Robert Gracie, second, 75
Jr. Bulls: Cutler Cowden 64 first, Taylan Williams second, 63

Ribbon Roping: First Mario Balezena and Daniel Denton, 10:38
Tammy Boza and Jon Goza, second, 14.10
Breakaway: Tammy Goza first 4.55, second, Bailey Herrera 6.49
Barrels 1D: Brittney  Cordova, first 17:59,  Heather Blasdel second 18.27
             2D Bailey Hammer 18.60, Share Dorscher 18.71
             3D Ashley Watson 19.69, Amanda Kinterknect 20.80
Team Roping
#8 First, Rory Beach and Riley Beach, 14.50
     Second, Brittney Brossfield and Larret Lawrence 16.54
#11  First, Terry Forrest and Riley Beach 14.28
        Second, Larry Welling and Ty Smith, 15:12

Junior bulls to come Monday.

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