Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bee Keeping by Amatures

This is the first year we have been able to
keep a bee hive. It is an adventure.
There it is, our very first bee hive. My dad
raised bees, and I sort of remember what we did
to keep them, but seems we are learning
all over again. 

The top is off, now to the next layer as it is time
to start thinking about winter.
And here we go...
The lid is off

Looking at the open top layer.

Here are very busy bees clinging to the honey
comb slats.

Using a special tool, the slats are carefully taken out.
The bees are gently brushed back into the hive
with a soft, soft brush.

Here is an inside look down at the second and first layers below.
The grate is there to keep the Queen from perhaps flying away.

These bees are so very busy, all the time.

Another look at the two bottom layers which are filled
with lots of honey. This honey will be their food for the winter.

Here the slats with quite a bit of honey in honey combs are in a tub,
These honey comb slats are nearly full with
honey.  Sometimes the first year, one may
actually harvest some honey from a
third layer.  You want
to be sure the large bottom layer and next
thinner layer are filled. The bees eat on this
during the winter months.

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