Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rim Rock Rodeo number 10, August 4, 2015

Enjoy the photos I posted
With a nice crowd, good weather and  athletes ready for competition, the rodeo went on.
Again the saddle bronc and bareback broncs had no winning riders.
The bulls nearly won with a shut out except that Nate Hoey rode his mount with a score of 87.
Junior bulls looked really good but Macabe Bronson stayed afloat for a score of 67 to be followed closely by Jate Frost with a score of 65.
The only calf roper to be successful in roping and tying his critter was Bryce Grant in 22.04 seconds.
Ribbon Roping had no winners.
In Breakaway, Brannen Allen was the sole successful winner, doing this in 6.66 seconds.
Barrel racing results went as follows:
1D Ashtyn Hammer raced for first place in 17.86 seconds. Emma Langard was second in 18.05 seconds.
2D  Jessica Rummetz was first with 18.92, while  Ashley Hamilton was second in 19.29 seconds.
3D Sam Joslyn took first with 19.86 and Whitney Wooley, second with a 20.09.
Team Roping #8:
First  place;  Brett Chamberlain and Jace Norell
Second Place; Kim Rojeo and Trey Beach
Team Roping # 9
First place; Kyle Rush and Jon Goza
Second place; Reo Weisgater and Ty Smith

Okay, let's get around that barrel.

It's going home from here.

Hold on there, Buddy!

OMG time!

This top bull has only been ridden by one bull rider.

Getting your hand caught could be life threatening!

Mom is a top team roper.

"I got rid off him!" said the bull.

"But I didn't want off just yet," said the rider.

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