Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rim Rock Rodeo #5, June 30, 2015

Air born

Some names might be mis-spelled as
the results have to be hurried and I am not familiar enough to guess the name's spelling.

After a humid, hot day, Slack events ended with the sun going to hide behind the clouds much to the approval of fans, athletes and the animals.
Results from the event are as follows:
The Bareback Broncs scored the win over riders. But in the Saddle Bronc event, Colt Allred rode to a score of 64 while Tucker Feldman stayed aboard to a score of 63.

In bull riding, Nate Hoey placed first with a 77. Wyatt Bronson scored 68 for second place.
 Junior Bulls saw bulls lose and riders win.  Everyone stayed in place with Coy Bronson placing number one at 74 and Jate Frost at second with a 73.
Calf Roping winner was Josh Frost with a 20 something and Bryce Grant, second with a 21.
In Ribbon Roping, Michael Baleztena and Coy Sears place first with the fastest recovery time. Jan Goza and Sabrina Walker won second.
Breakaway watched Brittany Brassfield win and Sarah Walker place second.
1D Barrels was a speedy event.
Emma Langavel made the circuit in 18.21 with Deanna Lynn a close second at 18.33.
2D Barrels
Crystal Williams and Ashton Hammer were the two winners, tied at 19.23 seconds.
3D Barrels
Kayla Vidmar rode making a time of 20.55 for first and Addie Hudson rode 'round those barrels in 20.60 seconds.
#8 Team Roping winners were Kyle Rush and Jace Norell. Second place was taken by Kyle Rush and Glen Younger.
#11 Team Roping was won by team Brett Chamberlin and Kelley Chamberlin. Tammy Goza and Jon Goza placed second.

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