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FRUITA ART CAMP 2015 + Give your child an adventure in art and learning.

Today, May 27, all weeks are absolutely closed. Have waiting lists and will call you if you contact me for such.... Wish us all happy art camping. We are going to have fun.....

Today is May 21, 7:45PM, All Fruita Art camps are closed. Unless you personally called me today and I talked with you, please do not send in registrations.  I will post on this blog after day one, about each camp if there have been any cancelations. Thanks to all of you. We are limited as to space which is the reason we have to close after so many for each week. Thanks again.Vera Mulder

Fruita Art Camp is an enrichment program that has been in operation teaching the value of the arts to local kids for over 15 years.

Our camp’s mission is:
Summer Art Camp is an educational experience that provides a child the opportunity for problem solving and learning different types of creative art processes thus providing the chance to learn self-expression and creativity in an open and non-judgmental environment.

The program is for kids ages 5 (having finished kindergarten) to 13 years of age.
Things to bring:
    a water bottle marked with name.
    sack lunch with added snacks for breaks, marked with name
    comfortable shoes for activities
    a hat or cap, sun screen optional
Day schedule runs as follows:
9:30 am – begin sign in. Children are     divided in to groups and begin   art projects.
10:30 am – Break time
11 am – Art projects
12 pm – Lunch
1 pm – Art projects
1:45 pm – Break time
2  pm – Art projects continued.
2:50 pm – clean up, begin sign outs           as parents, guardians arrive.
Dates for this summer’s camp are:
Week one,  June  1 – 5
Week two,  June  8 – 12
Week three, June 15 – 19
Week four, June 22 – 26                     
Art Camp hours of operation are from 9:30 A.M. to 3 P.M.
Location for the camp is
Fruita Middle School Art Dept.
239 N. Maple, Fruita, CO.
The door is on the north side of the school, easy to drive up to.
Teachers are there at 9 A.M. to prep.
Each of the 3 teachers is a certified teacher.
 Please share this information with friends and with neighbors.  Our program lets the campers have fun while they get to learn by doing art.
Carpool. Come visit the camp, watch the organized chaos of learning.

Registration Form.
Fill out and mail with check to Fruita Middle School Art Club
239 N. Maple, Fruita CO 81521 or Art Camp, 983 E Pavor Ave, Fruita 81521
Space is limited to 35. Register early so you have a place. Please check off the week or weeks you 
are registering for.  June 1_______Space and Beyond,  June 8_______ Gotcha Covered,
June 15_______The State of 3-D and June 22, Art going Global.
Campers $69 per week, Siblings $35 each. Ages 5 if had kindergarten to end of grade 5.
Camper’s Names; and age of each
Address_________________________________.City_____________________   Zip___________
Emergency contact and phone

Emergency phone 24/7________________
Any allergies, conditions teachers should know.___________________________
If medication needed, Who should administer?_____________________________
Who authorized to pick up these campers, with phone number ._________________________________________
If camper walks or rides bicycle, Indicate here. Bike_____/ walk_______
Check off the week or weeks you are registering for.
June 1________    June 8__________   June 12__________  June 22____________
Spaces limited to 35. If you register for several camps and your plans change, your money will be refunded. It helps us plan to know how many campers per each week ahead of time.
Thanks so much. For more information call Mulder at 314 1245 or 858 9008.
Camp is taught be 3 certified teachers.

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