Friday, December 19, 2014

Tribute to Tom Huston, Fruita Public Word Director

Tom Huston City of Fruita Public Works Director 
Tom came to Fruita in June 2 2003 his last day of work will December 31 2014
List of accomplishments 
1. Every employee at public works has a Colorado collection license and acommercial drivers license I do not believe any other city in Colorado can say that.
Tom brought Public works into the 21 century.
He added computers to our offices.
We started keeping records on wastewater collection lines, irrigation lines, mountain water, traffic safety, road maintenance and building maintenance. We have more information on every Fruita sewer lines than anyone can imagine.
Tom has mentored each employee to become the best he or she can be.
Tom is always early to work and staying late to make sure everything is done the way it should be done.
Tom was the key person to help design and construct the most advanced biological nutrient removal wastewater reclamations facility in the western United States.

What tom has taught me
Make sure you listen to your employees.
Be fair and honest.
Make sure you understand the problem before you make a decision.
It’s OK to think outside the box.

What I know about tom Huston 
When he is smiling not many of us can tell   but he is smiling most of the time.
He has a large hart and truly cares about his employees.
He has spent his career improving the environment we all live in. 
Tom enjoys photography.
He will be a busy man to complete his bucket list and I hope he has great luck with it. 
Tom was presented the golden shovel award many years ago.     He wears a small golden shovel on his lapel at certain wastewater functions. Fruita Public Works would like to present tom with  the Fruita version of the  golden shovel award by presenting him with a Shovel that truly represent his career in utilities  and public works.
H Tomas Huston    
Thank you for sharing your vision with us.

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