Friday, July 25, 2014

Rim Rock Rodeo July 22. Photos are posted.

Results for Rodeo number 8:
Saddle Bronc: Perry Forester first,  Chad Shaw.
Bulls: Ethan Cook was the only successful rider for the night.
Jr. Bulls: Coy Bronson, Cutler Cowden, second.
Calf Roping: Ryan Canty first; Chad Shaw second
Ribbon Roping: First place team Riley Beach, Chad Shawl
    Second place: Chad Shawl and Krystol Hensley
Breakaway: First, Haillie Taylor, second Sarah Walker
Barrels 1D First, Amunder Backer, 17.60 and second Brittney Gargon 17.60
             2D, First, Jessica H. 18.69 and second, Felicia Montoya, 18.73
             3D, First Akira Hansen, 19.67 and second, Ashley Eatkin, 19.80
Team Roping
#8 First place team Hailey Taylor and riley Beach
                Second, Kyle Rush and Glen Younger
#11 First place team Reo Weisgerber and Kevin Norell
                Second Riley Beach and Jerry Brown

Barrels are made for racing.

I think a pedicure is needed.

Just wait until someone tries to ride me.

Two Hats for one head?

Going, going, ..


Caught resting.

Wait a minute!

Where's the rider.

This rider was the only successful one.

"Outts my way."

The rider's hand is caught.

The Rodeo Clown saves the day! Thank goodness.

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